How to Source Images for Your Interior Design Blog

✔︎Safely ✔︎Legally Because no one likes getting letters from lawyers 😎

1. Use  Portfolio Images,  But  Focus  on the Details

Zoom in! There are some great moments in those full-room shots to discuss.

2. An Image Does NOT Have to Be a Photo of a Finished Room


3. Take Advantage of Free Stock Photo Libraries

4. Strategically Invest in  Paid Stock Photos

5. Embed Inspiration from  Houzz?

Use the embed code provided on images to embed them into your blog posts!  But, as always with the big sites, read the fine print.

6. Embed Literally Anything from Pinterest

Use the embed code provided on Pinterest to embed images into your blog posts!  Limited size, but it could be a useful tool.

7. Go Directly to Your Favorite Photographer or Designer

If you ask...people will very often say YES. You're giving them a credit and a link back to their website.  It's a win-win.

8. Become Your Own Favorite Photographer

If no image in the world will do your writing justice, you can always take the path of most resistance—learning how to take your own photos.

9. …Or Drop In Some Video

Embed any content from Youtube. Or create your own video content.  VIDEO IS POWERFUL.  It's worth it.

10. …Remember Your Blog When the Photographer is Coming

At your next project shoot, grab as many extra shots as possible—vignettes, photos of you and your team, little styling details, and outtakes.

Images are a key element of your brand. Even on your blog, quality matters.

Good luck!