Website Hosting and Care

You know that feeling when your website has an error message and you don’t know why?

Or you want to make a seemingly simple change to something and it ends up ruining several hours of your day? Or you suddenly realize that there is NO backup of the website that you’ve spent countless hours and dollars to build? Or you notice that the pages are taking forever to load but have no idea what to do about it?

You never have to worry about any of that again. We’ve got it.

We love taking care of websites.

Website Hosting
Where should your website live? We’ll give it a great home.

You have a business to run, so we’ll also take care of your website’s security.

Nightly Backups
Should anything weird or surprising (in the bad way) ever happen with your website, you can sleep soundly knowing we’ve got backup copies. Your site can be restored at will.

Uptime Monitoring
It’s no fun hearing “your website is down” from a client, so we stay on top of the situation. We monitor your site twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to make sure the server is up and running.

Comment Monitoring
We install comment filters on every website, which take care of the bulk of spammy comments. But, when it comes down to it, someone has to read the ones that get through and mark them as “approved” (because they were written by real people) or “spam” (because they were written by real people but not real fans of your website). This an optional service, but we’re happy to take care of it.

Priority Website Updates
As a website care client, you get priority response time for those little updates that could otherwise sit on a “to do” list for months.

These services are for our clients.

We take a limited number of new clients each year. If you’d like to learn more about our services, click below to schedule a call.

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