Ongoing Strategy

Gain Momentum

What It Is:

So what happens after a website launch? To put it simply, the goal is to make your brand real in a three-dimensional way. You want your messaging to be more than idle promises. And, in the end, you don’t really need a new website—you need more clients. Your strategy after the website launch will call back to our Brand Discovery process and allow you to build on what we’ve created.

We believe in giving you the tools to make your own choice: Do you want to handle tasks like ongoing website content in-house or would you prefer to get it off your plate? If you want to outsource some of the crucial tasks and make sure they’re being done right, we’re here to help.

Having a plan of action is key to your success. Once you have established your presence online you’ll need to create tangible value that supports the hard work you’ve put into creating your brand.

  • Our "Don't Worry About It" Service:

    Hosting & Website Maintenance

    Things you shouldn’t have to deal with (a partial list): updating plugins, taking backups of your website, monitoring uptime, keeping up with WordPress security issues and dealing with DNS records. We love this stuff. Let us take care of it so you don’t have to.

  • Strategic Monthly Website Content:

    Content Infusion

    On-going content is the fuel that gets the website found by new audiences and helps define the brand. It helps you get found through search engines, demonstrates expertise, acts as a sales tool and more. We define the strategy each month, make sure it happens and we make it look good.

  • Stay on Track with a Second Pair of Eyes:

    Hourly Consulting

    Brand Discovery is exciting and illuminating for you, but consistency is what brings it all home for your audience. For existing clients who want the occasional check-in to stay on track, we offer hourly consulting services.

  • From Business Cards to Big Ideas:

    Website Updates & Print Design

    One of the benefits of building custom websites is that you can make your own changes to copy, add your own images, etc. But for larger changes and big ideas, our existing clients get priority service. Want to add a shopping cart to your website? Change the structure of a page? Just let us know.

Why It Works:

The world is filled with websites. Some are works of art designed to keep you scrolling. Some are perfectly optimized to pop as soon as you hit search. Some are filled with inspiring promises that you keep clicking.

But to truly set yourself apart you need every element working together in harmony supported by real-world actions. You need to be prepared to provide the tangible value that supports what you say and makes your brand stronger by proving what you do.

The ability to make your messaging credible and cohesive will provide your clients with not only the best experience possible but a clear path to becoming your advocate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you say, what truly matters is what you do. We’ll be there to prepare you to take the actions that matter.


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