Logo Design and Visual Branding

Branding is important.

And creating visual brands is one of our specialties.

But, before going into the nitty gritty, let’s make a few things clear: Your branding essentially has two parts— the visual branding and the brand experience. We want to help you with both, but this page is about the visual aspect.

A visual brand should be rock solid in its consistency. It should inspire confidence in the viewer. And it becomes more and more valuable over time, as you consistently associate your signature logo, colors, fonts and images with great products and/or services.

To go back to one of our favorite examples, how much is Tiffany blue worth to that company? How valuable is it to them that they own that shade of blue in the minds of consumers? And that it instantly brings up feelings of trust and longing and willingness to pay just a bit more money to own a piece of that brand?

It begins with the logo design.

Well, actually it begins with the discovery process. A logo design project, like everything else we do, begins with an in-depth consultation to set goals, identify target markets and discuss general preferences.

We start the design process with black and white concept sketches and then go from there. The final package will include two different versions of the logo (for different uses), color and black/white versions (also for different uses) and multiple file types (so it can be blown up to enormous sizes or shrunk down for the web).

Let’s make your brand iconic, shall we?

A branding package allows you to have real consistency in the look of your social media platforms, print ads, invoices, business cards, thank you notes and whatever else you put into the world. Not because we have to design all of those things (although we certainly can), but because you’ll have branding guidelines to pass on to any designer:

Logo Variations
We generally create two different versions of a logo. For example, one may be quite square in shape, which works well for avatar areas on social media. The other could be more horizontal, which works well at the top of a website. Situations vary. We make decisions based on your needs.

Color Palette
Never have to wonder what color something should be. Just choose from your branded color palette.

Standard and Decorative Fonts
Your brand guidelines will include two to three specific fonts—one for body copy (what you’re reading right now is body copy), a second font for larger headings and sometimes a third, more decorative font.

Other Design Elements
These could include textures, illustrations, patterns, shapes, etc. For example, your visual brand may include rounded corners on all photos. Or a circle motif. Or a watercolor background that you use as needed. The possibilities are endless, but once these things are decided you can relax and enjoy the many benefits of consistency.

What is your current visual branding doing for your business?

When it comes to first impressions, is it helping or harming you? Is it memorable? If you’re not sure where to go from here, click below to schedule a call. We’d love to hear about your business and what you want to accomplish.

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