Custom Illustration

Illustrated elements make a brand feel truly uncommon.

Our clients have enhanced their brands by using illustrations for everything from infographics to logo design. Custom illustration lets us convey an idea in any way that you desire—without bending that idea to fit existing solutions, like stock photography or stock illustration.

Illustration allows us to add layers to your visual brand.

What does this mean? It’s about expanding the visual vocabulary that we use for your company. Yes, your branding will include a logo design, color palette and other elements, but illustration is the proverbial icing on the brand cake. It allows us to say what needs to be said, while injecting an extra dose of style.

How We Used Illustration for Buck Hill Brewery

Illustration for RestaurantsBuck Hill Brewery is a busy, freshly launched restaurant and brewery in New Jersey. When we needed a buck for the logo design that would fit some very specific requirements—from expression to the number of points on its rack—it was obvious that the solution was a custom illustration.

Once the logo design was finalized, we were left with a defined illustration style that is specific to the Buck Hill brand. This style is now carried forward in individual illustrations for the menu, special events and an infographic that conveys the circular, truly farm-to-table nature of their process. It’s suitably rustic, instantly recognizable and enhances their visual brand. View the website with illustrations here.


Illustrations can be used in a variety of ways.

We only recommend custom illustration when it fits the brand. But, once that decision is made, how can illustrations be used? Here are a few examples:

– Stylized images for web pages or blog posts
– Hand-drawn maps for getting to confusing locations
– A custom avatar for the business owner
– Interesting additions to ads
– The basis for promotional items like stickers, mugs, etc.

So where do we start?

Great question. Without a solid visual brand, you’re not ready for custom illustration. Click here to learn more about our visual branding services.

If you want to know more about how illustration and other custom elements could build on your visual branding, click below to schedule a call.

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