Content Marketing and Email Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is simply this: Figuring out who your target audience is and then creating valuable, specific content to attract them to your website. (Keep reading to find out what happens after that.)

By the way, the most important part of that first paragraph is “figuring out who your target audience is”. Because, in a world where “content” is being spit out by marketers and businesses at insane rates, vague content is pretty much worthless.

The first step is, as always, our discovery process. We need to figure out who your favorite, most profitable clients are and create content that they’re drawn to. We want to make your content useful, actionable and sharable.

Finally, we lay out the content on your website so that it looks as beautiful and branded as everything else that is associated with your business. We optimize it to be found by search engines. And, if desired, we automate the process of posting links to your social media platforms.

What happens next?

Great content on your website serves a lot of purposes: It establishes your business as the go-to expert in a particular area. It allows you to answer a potential client’s questions before they even ask. It gives your audience new ways to find you through Google search.

But there isn’t much point in investing in the creation of great content unless you offer a next step to your reader. In many cases, that step will involve capturing their contact information so you can keep in touch. How we do this will depend on your audience and what would most appeal to them, but the thing we often offer them in exchange for their email address is called a lead magnet.

Does that sound jargon-y? Sorry about that. These things are actually really fun to create and offer a great opportunity to be innovative.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is any email communication with potential or current clients that helps to build loyalty, keep you top of mind when they want to give out a referral, announce new services or specials, build brand awareness, etc.

Why email? Why not just stick with social media for all of the above? The answer is simple: You own your email list. When you build up and nurture a targeted list of contacts, reaching them is as easy as sending out a message. (Well, a message with a good subject line and interesting content, but that’s a talk for another time.)

When all of your eggs are in the social media basket, you are relying completely on another company to manage your online audience—and they can do anything they want. Remember when your Facebook fans used to see practically every post on your business page? And then they changed the algorithm? Now you have to pay to be seen. Every social media platform has the ability to make decisions like that at will.

An email list is all yours. You can store it wherever you want, move it when you want to use a different email marketing platform and build it into a hugely valuable company asset over time. The money, as they say, is in the list.

Is your current strategy working?

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