Dear Designer…

If you’ve EVER thought about alternate ways to monetize your design skills…
If client work isn’t 100% fulfilling…
If you’re seeking the freedom of more diverse income streams…

Monthly Workshops and Strategic Recipes For Alternative Streams of Income
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This Month’s Topic…

How to Create and Sell Digital Products

Learn Step by Step with Actionable Takeaways:

1. What does it take to create highly profitable digital products?
2. How do you get them in front of the right audience?

November 10th @ 1pm ET | $157 USD

Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford

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A seasoned decorator and content creator, Claire will take you behind the scenes with real-deal, straight advice…along with actual numbers, the big mistakes to avoid, and more.

Nicole Heymer

Nicole Heymer

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Your resource for the information that makes it all happen—from the website to branding to email. Nicole has worked with design brands in all categories to achieve amazing results.

Should You Join…

Each month, The Secret Sauce Society meets to learn and implement new recipes…all with the ultimate goal of cooking up alternate streams of income.

  • Curious about effective strategies to generate more revenue, but lost on where to start?
  • Want to drive traffic to your site but it feels impossible, almost like you don’t even exist?
  • Tired of watching others move forward with online courses, digital downloads, content creation that makes money…and you want in on the action too?

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What’s included in November?

This Month’s Menu…

75-Minutes of Live Instruction

60 minutes of straight-from-experience, not-just-guessing guidance on this month’s recipe followed by “Ask Anything” Q&A. Every element, every month builds toward establishing alternate streams of income.

A Strategic “Recipe”

We’re not just giving you the ‘what’. We’re giving you the ‘how’. The magic is in the doing, so we’re going to make this clear, action-oriented, and strategic. Every month’s workshop comes with a recipe—a document to help you take action.

And if you join us LIVE…

You Get Extra Treats…Because We Want You to Show Up and We Want You to Succeed

The Follow-Up Session

We all know what works: taking action, asking questions, and digging into the specifics. The follow-up session is a 30-minute Q&A exclusively for participants who joined us LIVE for November’s workshop—scheduled two weeks later so you can check in and ask questions as you follow the recipe.

Discount Pricing on Next Month’s Workshop

Ready to take the next step? Yes, we’ll send out a recording…but if you join us LIVE in November’s session, we’ll give you a discount code for the next session. Why? So you can continue the process and get results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will! And we’ll send that recording out within 24 hours of the session. But remember—if you join us live, you get a bonus Q&A call and a discount on the next session. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about two weeks later, once you’ve started taking action.

Register now to join us for November’s session.

If you want to keep going, register for December’s session when the time comes. We’ll be covering new topics each month—and you’ll have the flexibility to register for the sessions that feel valuable to you.

That being said, we do hope you join us each month. We’re taking you through a process—step by step—to get an alternative stream of income in place.

This is not a two-week thing. Or a two-month thing. It takes time to establish authority and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

But here’s what you WON’T be doing:

  • Wasting time making essential mistakes (we’ve already made them…and we’ll tell you all about it)
  • Getting overwhelmed by too much random advice and…just not doing anything
  • Making decisions based on guesses and dreams:)

Join us to make a plan and then make it happen!

Join us on November 10th at 1pm ET!

If you’re asking yourself: What are the different types of digital products you could create? Which apps or programs are best for creating a digital product? How do you determine what price point to sell it at? Where do you market this so that people know what you offer?…We’re ready to provide guidance!