November 2021

The Session | 11/10/21

The Recipe

The Q&A | 11/24/21

Other Resources

From the session…

To Hire Designers and Developers Hourly:





Email Giveaway Software
(To Grow Your List Via Giveaways)


Popup Plugin

ConvertPlus (WordPress)
For other platforms, start with the popup functionality
that comes with Squarespace, Wix, etc.

Email Marketing Platforms




Quiz Resources (To Build Your Own!)

Try Interact


Opinion Stage

Quiz Maker (WordPress)

WP Viral Quiz (WordPress)

Quiz Examples:

Nicole’s Brand Archetype Quiz (B2B)

Claire’s Colour Quiz (B2C)

A Sample Blog Post Promotion Checklist

___Optimize the Post for Google Search (Our optimization guide shows WordPress, but you can use it anywhere.)

___Post on LinkedIn

___Post on your Facebook business page. Share the post via your personal page.

___Post on Instagram, using a graphic or the top image from your blog post—on Stories and in the feed with a ‘link in bio’

___Post on your Google Business page (Google likes that!)

___Create a graphic for Pinterest for the blog post and link it back to your website

___Send out an email blast with a link to the blog post

___Notify anyone who was featured in the post and send them the link

___Link to the post from other posts on your website! Link from the new post to old posts! Interlink throughout your site as much as possible:)