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Copywriting Questionnaire

Hi there! See below for two fields with space to describe what the client gets with each of your services. We’re looking for raw material here, so don’t even take a moment to worry about pretty words. Just the facts. The purpose is to go into our kickoff call with some raw material in hand, which gives us time to discuss the interesting details and focus on your messaging, tone, etc.

Please provide the following information about your initial consultation:
Is there a fee? If so, how much does it cost? How long is it? What information or deliverables will the client have at the end of the consultation?
Please describe the client journey. What happens first? Next? After that? How does the service end? Is there any followup? Note: Again, this is raw material. You can list out some bullet points or just do a brain dump. It does NOT have to be pretty:)

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