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We are currently booking your Brand Discovery for LATE JANUARY.

Step 1. Add to your cart and put down a 25% deposit on the $2500 Brand Discovery fee. Once you do that, your spot is reserved!

Step 2. We will reach out within one business day to schedule your four meetings. The balance on your Brand Discovery ($1875) will be due before your second meeting.

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Your Brand Discovery deliverables will be presented at our last meeting. Deliverables include:

What is different and desirable about your business? What do potential clients need to know when they’re looking at you and two other options in order to say: “THIS is the one.” These are typically 3-4 short pieces of information—one sentence each for clarity.

Homepage Wireframe
“What goes where” on your website homepage. Not a design—more like a cartoon version of the future version of your home page. This shows where everything will go—from your tagline to your email signup to your images.

Brand Voice 
A description of your tone, personality, and brand archetype. This is the guideline that will help other people write words for your business…and those words matter. Potential clients will typically interact with your brand many times before they talk to an actual human.

How will your website be structured? What pages will be included?

Call to Action 
What exactly do we want people to do? How will they reach out to you? And what’s the first thing that happens after that?

Lead Magnet
Let’s come up with an idea that gets people onto your email list, shall we?

Content Thought-Starters
And yes, we’ll try to get you to blog. But it’s only because we love you and want you to be found through Google search.

General Recommendations 
Anything else that feels important gets listed out here.

…And I’ll talk to one or two of your clients!
Because we need to know what they think is special about you. If we’re on the right track with the messaging, what they say will line up with it nicely.

And that, my friend, is a custom plan—made to highlight the strengths of your business, nurture leads, and attract the right clients.

Reserve our next available slot now with a 25% deposit.



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