Tomak Group

The Project:

Tomak Group is a construction, renovation, and real estate development company in New York City serving both homeowners and industry professionals.

The Plan:

Tomak Group needed a site that clearly defined their services and explained the details of their stellar method. We also planned for an interactive Project Calculator to provide clients with a rough price estimate and allow Tomak Group to build their potential client list.

Tomak Monitor Display
Tomak About
Tomak Invest
For Industry Professionals
Tomak Contact
Tomak About
Tomak Invest
For Industry Professionals
Tomak Contact
Tomak Construction

Visual Branding

Tomak Group came to us with a strong, well-designed logo in place. We helped them to round out the color palette, add in custom elements that feel approachable, and create a consistent look for the website and beyond.

Color Palette

Existing Logo

Proj Calculator Tomak Group

The Project Calculator

What’s working right now to capture email addresses and gather leads? Interactive elements. And this one is all the better because it performs a task that someone would have previously handled manually.

For Tomak Group, we built a project calculator. It allows potential clients to plug in some simple information—square footage, type of project, number of units—and receive a ballpark estimate for their project. The person is then given other useful information, considerations and—of course—the opportunity to contact Tomak.

“We were actually able to define ourselves as a company and direct our focus to a targeted audience. This is game-changing for us. There is no other option than Nicole and her team if you are looking to be defined as a brand or company.”

— Thomas Tsitouridis , CEO

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