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Nicole Heymer at High Point Market
• Fall 2019 •

By Nicole Heymer | Oct 11 2019
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Hi, I’m Nicole Heymer and I love talking about myself in the third person. (I wrote the title of this article. How awkward is that? But I’m leaving it for reasons related to Google search…so here we are.)

High Point is upon us and there are LOTS of things to do. Want five excellent options for educational events? Scroll down!

The Power Talk Friday Tour, High Point 2019

Who is this for?

You’re growing or looking to grow, you want the shortcut to make some big jumps and you want an immersive experience with six experts.

Power Talk Friday Tour 2019 Hpmkt

How To Ensure Your Ideal Client Finds You

Who is this for?

You’re looking for new ways to get the right local potential clients to your website. And you want to tell them a good story when they get there.

Ensure Your Ideal Client Finds You Hpmkt

Social Media & Your Brand: Deconstructing Authenticity

Who is this for?

You want to work with clients who are a good fit and are itching to work with you. Also, you’ve heard the word “authenticity” in relation to marketing but it all feels a little…meaningless.

Deconstructing Authenticity Hpmkt

Secrets to Scaling Your Business

Who is this for?

You are at literally ANY level in the process of scaling and want to hear some real talk from someone who is where you are—or two steps ahead.

Secrets To Scaling Your Business Hpmkt

Branding or Pricing—Which Comes First?

Who is this for?

You’ve had potential clients question your pricing, you feel like you’re undercharging or you’re just unsure of how to approach the whole brand vs pricing thing.

AND: There will be a meet and greet immediately after this presentation with authors of A Well-Designed Business: The Power Talk Friday Experts. Come meet LuAnn Nigara, Claire Jefford, Peter Lang and Shauna Lynn Simon. It’s going to be great. (And, of course, Michele and I will be there too!)

Meet Greet Final
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