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The Best Way to Embed a Google Map into Your WordPress Site

By Nicole Heymer | Sep 17 2014

This short but sweet video covers a few things.

– How to embed a Google map into your WordPress page in two minutes (or, let’s face it, any website platform that lets you access the html)
– The easy shortcut to figuring out the best size for your map
– How to customize the size of the map…even after you’ve embedded it

The ruler extensions that I mention can be found here for Firefox and and here for Chrome.

Leave a comment if you have a question. Or maybe you just enjoy talking about embedding maps into websites? Either is fine.

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  • Maggie Graham
    | 3 October 2014

    That ruler tool definitely falls under the category of “Simple Tools that Web Site Designers Use to Dramatically Simplify Life” or some other life-changing declaration. I’ll spare you the additional gushing accolades and just say a simple “THANKS!”

    • curioelectro
      | 3 October 2014

      Fabulous, Maggie! I’ll agree that the ruler extension is the greatest. And also a color picker extension. That’s indispensable too.

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