Start with Discovery

What is Discovery?

Discovery is the tool we use to uncover your true needs and formulate a strategy. It’s like hiring an architect to draw up plans for a building before beginning construction. The discovery process is the secret sauce. When we truly understand your brand, your competitors and your target client, we can design the best possible solution for you.

The discovery process is organized into four meetings.

These meetings are scheduled a few days apart to allow us time to brainstorm, conduct research and create deliverables.

Meeting one is all about you, your business and what you stand for. It’s about the details of what you provide and how your product or service is unique.

Meeting two is about the people who buy what you sell. We talk about your most profitable clients—the ones you’d clone if you could. To define your brand, we must understand your client.

Meeting three is about the connection point—where you and your clients meet. How do they find you? What should happen when they do?

Meeting four is about solutions and hard numbers. At this meeting, you’ll receive your deliverables—a summary of our recommendations. We also present a proposal to complete the work, which could include any combination of visual branding, web design and development, copywriting, email marketing integration and/or print design.

Some businesses hire us for discovery as a stand-alone consulting service. This works well if you choose to implement everything in-house.

Common Questions

Where do the meetings take place?
We meet online, using Zoom or something similar. We’ll send you a link to make it easy.

What kind of deliverables can I expect at the end of the process?
Deliverables are customized for every client, depending on where you currently are and where you want to go. We always start with messaging. These will assist you in making decisions around web and print copy, social media content, blog posts, testimonial questions and more.
Other deliverables may include a home page wireframe (showing what should go where on the home page), a client persona, strategy recommendations, a sitemap to plan the structure of the website, etc. The purpose of these deliverables is to provide a strategic plan for your upcoming project.

What is the fee structure for discovery?
We charge a flat fee for discovery, which includes the meetings, accompanying research and all deliverables. We take a 25% deposit to reserve a start date. The remaining fee is due when we get started.

How Do I Get Started?

To reserve a date for discovery or set up a phone chat to see if you’re a good fit, contact us.

When you’re ready to proceed with Brand Discovery, we will send you:

A proposed start date. Please note that we are generally booked a few weeks, and occasionally months, in advance.

A simple, two-page agreement. This agreement basically says what discovery is and that we keep your information confidential. For convenience, we will all sign the agreement digitally.

An invoice for 25% of our discovery fee. This reserves the date for our first discovery meeting. The remaining fee will be due at the start of our discovery.

A link to access our online meeting. This will be sent once we have agreed on a date and time that works for everyone.

Looking for more details?

We’re happy to help. Email us at to ask anything at all. Or click here to set up a call:

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