You know those lingering questions you've had about your website? Let's get them answered.

Interior design firms, is your website not getting the job done? Something isn’t working, but you’re not sure what steps to take first? Book a Curio Consult—just $97 for a limited time.

Maybe you’ve hired web designers in the past, but things haven’t quite worked out the way you wanted. They didn’t understand your industry. The leads never came. It all feels a bit mysterious.

Now imagine being able to ask anything you want. Imagine how much clarity you could get if you took a moment to stop, look at what you’ve done so far and consider the options—big and small.

Your choice: Either you choose which of the above we will discuss or I can set the agenda based on what I’m seeing.

Ask anything. I don’t hold the punchline on these calls. When it comes to advice, I will give you everything I’ve got. And this consult gives you a taste of what it’s like to work with us on a larger project. Click here to schedule your consultation.


Nicole Heymer is the owner of Curio Electro. She has built a reputation as an organized, collaborative brand specialist and web designer with an eye for upscale design.

She helps interior design firms like yours define what makes them special and then put that online in a visible, beautiful way. Why? So you don’t have to depend on referrals as your only source of clients.

“As someone who has worked with many web design, branding, and online marketing firms, I can say without hesitation that Nicole Heymer is the expert you want and need behind the scenes. She is the real deal.”