Define YOUR Brand Voice

Instant Gratification!

By the end of this masterclass, you will have every element of your branding figured out and know exactly what to do with it.

A masterclass in the elements of branding—specifically for interior designers. But this is not just about knowledge. It’s about getting it done.

Next class kicking off later in 2019!

Help potential clients understand why you’re special.
Look and sound as amazing as you actually are. It’s time to whip your branding into shape.


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Nicole Heymer/

Nicole Heymer is the founder of Curio Electro, a boutique creative agency specializing in intuitive branding, compelling design, and smart useful plans.

Since 2011, Curio Electro has worked within a multitude of industries and with a wide variety of clients at every stage in their development, from nationally known interior design firms to local craft breweries. Nicole’s clear, actionable take on creating a memorable brand has been featured in print, on podcasts, and as a part of branding workshops.

“Nicole is not only an expert but a master teacher as well. She provides edu-taining live presentations and clear examples of what we need to act on and WHY it matters. Every small business owner would benefit significantly from her training.”

— Melissa Galt, Melissa Galt Interiors

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