By the end of this masterclass, you will have every element of your branding figured out and know exactly what to do with it.

A masterclass in the elements of branding—specifically for interior designers. We meet once per week for six weeks. But this is not just about knowledge. It’s about getting it done:

The cost: $597 SOLD OUT!

Help potential clients understand why you’re special. Look as amazing as you actually are. It’s time to whip your branding into shape.  
(It’s a steal! Less than $100 per week for six weeks.)
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Common Questions:

Where do we meet?
We meet online via Zoom, which allows us to see each other and ask questions. It’s like meeting in person, except that you don’t have to leave your home or office. (Or dress up? Or be ready more than two minutes before we start? Online meetings are the best.)

When do we meet?
Once per week for six weeks. We are going to make this informative, fun and productive. Allow one hour+ for each meeting.

How many designers will be in the class?
We are keeping this really small so that everyone can get the focused attention that they need—no more than six people.

I’m worried! In the past, I have signed up for courses and then never watched the videos or done the homework. Is that going to happen again?!
We meet face-to-face every week, so there is a fabulous accountability element built into the class. This is about getting things DONE. There will be live discussion and I will be there to answer questions. You will not be alone as you define your branding.

What happens between classes?
You will have homework—always useful, often fun—between classes. This work will yield dividends for YEARS to come.

I can’t make every meeting! What if I miss something?
Every meeting will be recorded and sent out a few hours after we meet. If you miss a class and have questions after watching the class recording, just email me.

When you complete this class, you will have full branding for your interior design business:

From messaging to visual branding to brand voice—we will cover it all. PLUS, you will have a plan to put that brand out into the world in a consistent, clear way and a lead magnet for your website. Branding is key. If you’re reading this page, you already understand the importance of it.



Click the button below to be notified when we’re opening up the next class.

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Questions? Scroll up for FAQs.


Nicole Heymer is the owner of Curio Electro. She has built a reputation as a highly organized, collaborative brand specialist and web designer with an eye for upscale design.

She helps interior design firms like yours define what makes them special and then put that online in a visible, beautiful way. Why? So you don’t have to depend on referrals as your only source of clients.

“As someone who has worked with many web design, branding, and online marketing firms, I can say without hesitation that Nicole Heymer is the expert you want and need behind the scenes. She is the real deal.”