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Brand Discovery: Our Agreement

Brand Discovery is a series of consulting sessions designed to create a plan. We will gather information about your organization, your market, your audience, and your objectives for the purpose of accurately proposing messaging and a solution that will achieve your organization’s goals. The specific process will vary slightly for each project as we tailor the experience to your unique needs.

You might think of it like hiring an architect to draw up plans for a building before obtaining an estimate from a general contractor and beginning construction work.

Scope of Work

Much of our information is gathered through online meetings. We want all stakeholders involved to have the opportunity to be heard so we can obtain a clear picture of your organization.

We will perform appropriate research and analysis to determine the best strategies to achieve your goals and meet your needs.

Discussion topics may include your sales process, target audience, digital strategies, information architecture, and technical needs.

At the end of this process, you will receive a set of plans specific to your project. If you want our team to execute on those plans, you’ll also receive a proposal. Plans will include recommendations on key messaging for your business, a home page wireframe (showing what goes where), a sitemap, blog post thought starters, a target customer persona, etc.

If we execute the proposed project, these deliverables will guide us in the planning, design and development of your project. If we do not, you own all deliverables and are free to use and execute them however you wish.


4 scheduled meetings, typically over two weeks


25% deposit to reserve the date
Balance is due before our second Brand Discovery meeting

Invoices & Payments

Any work requested during Brand Discovery that falls beyond the scope of this agreement will be billed at the rate of $125 per hour. Additional work will only be done during Brand Discovery by request. (This has literally never happened, but you never know!)

Terms & Conditions

All documentation and/or deliverables that come from the Discovery process are owned by the client. We are under a verbal non-disclosure agreement and will never share your ideas outside of our organization. Discovery meetings must be pre-scheduled.

We look forward to working with you!


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